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Terminal Cleaning & Disinfecting Services 

NH Environmental specializes in detailed site cleaning & disinfecting services. We adhere to all current industry disinfection and sanitation protocols to ensure/limit the risk of cross-contamination at your site. We offer these services to COMMERCIAL and RESIDENTIAL clients.

In these uncertain times, our training, preparation, and execution will give you the reassurance needed to re-enter your home, office, school, hospital, or facility.

NH Environmental utilizes an innovative atomized dry fogging system that is unique in the industry.  This atomizer device emits solution via fog in <10 microns in size, reducing condensation & surface wetting of all surfaces including electronic equipment.  The atomized dry fogger is uniform capable of penetrating inaccessible areas such as cracks, crevices and ventilation systems resulting in  a thorough  stericidal decontamination. Our atomized dry fogger ranges in size to handle any location big or small.

Note: Due to the demding response of the deadly Coronavirus outbreak, we have moved the majority of our resources to assist all industries that are impacted. 

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